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About Us

Zeracom, is Upstate South Carolina's Award Winning Business Communications Asterisk IP-PBX Provider.  Founded in 1993, Zeracom has provided integrated voice and data services specializing in communication, networking, and information technology.  For more than 20 years Zeracom (formally Intertelcom) has installed, repaired and maintained PBX phone systems in the SC upstate.  Our solutions are Zeracom's Greenville SC team delivers solutions for the upstate of SC, from IP-PBXs to integrations of voice and data, Zeracom can deliver your solution.designed to improve our customer's productivity, enhance their corporate image, and drive their improved profitability though user-friendly, advanced technology.

Our partners:

Zeracom, based in Greenville, SC, has been established as a leader of IT solutions, and has made a commitment to align with the top industry manufacturers, like ShoreTel, Samsung, and Vertical/Comdial.  We also offer our very own Asterisk based IP-PBX, Zerabox.  This has resulted in being able to bring our customers the solutions they need, based on their individual requirements without sacrificing quality. 

What we offer:

Zeracom is above all a people company with a penchant for quality service.  Our business encompasses IP-PBX Telephony, networking and IT projects including design, installation and long-term support and with the ability to offer integration of additional communications needs for a complete solution.  Whether you need service on an existing system, a new system installation, or integration of additional communication components, Zeracom can handle the project.

What we deliver:

An award winning trusted technology partner and your "single-point of accountability" for implementing high performance IP-PBX business solutions.

Zeracom, upstate Greenville SC IP-PBX specialists, offering Zerabox, ShoreTel, Vertical/Comdial and Samsung.
"Connect the right people in the right way at the right time."

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